Naturopath on Duty

Naturopathy iridology


Over 2 hours Hayley Binding a Naturopath with 24 years  experience in clinical practice will open up the world of Naturopathy and how simple diagnostic tools like iridology and diet, vitamin and mineral therapy can help you choose and live a healthier life.


The workshop will cover topics like:-

  • What is a Naturopath and natural therapy and how can it benefit you and your family?
  • Talk on Buzz words like microbiome, curcumin, sauerkraut, oregano oil, intermittent fasting.
  • Confused about what vitamins, minerals, herbs and essential oils to stock in your cupboard?
  • Going away, what natural medicines should you pack to keep away colds, pains and tummy upsets.
  • Iridology, what is it and how can it be helpful?

If time permits Hayley will do some iris readings to help you understand how iridology helps her to help you!