FRIDAY 4:00pm – 5:00pm Whether this is your first visit or your one hundred and first, join the history tour walk on the first evening to stretch your legs and learn a bit about the town and its history. The one-hour tour outlines the early history of non-indigenous settlement in Warragul, particularly the difficulty of travelling into West Gippsland, one of the last two areas to be settled in Victoria; explains how the town came to be; and talks about the 19th-century buildings along the first two blocks of Queen Street and the businesses and characters who inhabited them. As we walk, you’ll be introduced to some of the other features of Warragul that you may wish to visit during your stay. We’ll wind up with a discussion of the indigenous history of the area. 

The walk is about 1.4 kilometres. Most of the route is flat, except the railway overpass. Your leader will be using a wheelie walker, so the route can’t be too difficult.

FRIDAY 4:00pm – 5:00pm